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Weight Loss Program

Making weight loss interesting...

Class Fitness 2013 Weight Loss Challenge. 

$25 get's you in. The proceeds go into a fund...HE/SHE who loses the most (by % of weight, inches and body fat) gets the $fund$. 

It's a 5 week challenge that starts January 1st, 2013. 

Meal plan and weekly measurements included.  

For new Boot Camp/Class participants, registration fee is waved for 'Challengers'.

The more challengers, the more you could win!!!

Schedule your weigh in TODAY!

(must be weighed in by 1/6/13 to participate)

Is Losing Weight difficult? 
Do I need to count calories to lose weight?
Do I need starve myself?  
Do I need to drink a shake morning, afternoon and have a sensible dinner?
Do i need to eat pre-packaged meals?  or
Take a magic pill?

The answer to these questions is

If you want to lose 10+ pounds,
 what you need is
a CLASS in Weight Loss!

1) Food Learn what to eat and how to eat.  This is no math equation, learn what your body does with food.
2) Motivation Be held accountable…Achieve success with measurements and encouragement weekly
3) Fitness Change your body, get the personal training feel in a group environment.

Your Class Syllabus looks a little like this:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Consultation, Rules,  Weigh in & meal plan Weigh in & meal plan Weigh in & meal plan
Weigh in & meal plan     Incentive 'gift' for biggest loser**
Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Weigh in & meal plan Weigh in & meal plan Weigh in & meal plan Weigh in & meal plan
Month 2 Consultation     Incentive 'gift' for biggest loser**
Week 9+  
More weight loss  

Our lessons empower you to lose weight while learning to shop, prepare and eat the things you like*.

*Not all foods are permissible on this meal plan. 
Exclusions are high fat meats, startches, simple sugars and alcohol.

  • Paul C. lost 25 lbs and 6 inches around the waist 


·        Marie P Lost 25 lbs and two dress sizes 


·        Nikki lost 4 inches around her waist 


·        Artie H lost 37 lbs and 5 inches around the waist 


·        Terri B lost 22 lbs 


·        Melanie P lost 19 lbs and 4 inches around her waist 


·        Gilda G lost 17 lbs and 5 inches around her waist, 2 dress sizes (at least)  

·          Rachelle C lost 8 lbs and 1 dress size since 

    ·        Andrew D lost 10 lbs and 3.5 inches around his waist 

    ·        Julia C lost 11 lbs and 4 inches 

    ·        Morten L lost 21 lbs and 4 inches 


To send your results, e-mail
Class Fitness Member's Reviews

Johanna W.

I have been a couch potato for some time, and with that my waist line has expanded. Before I started to attend class fitness I did a few things here and there but nothing that was fun or where I saw results. The first month I attended and committed I lost a total of 10 lbs and 5 inches around my waist!! Everyone that attends is very friendly and encouraging, it is like a built in support system. Linda the owner and instructor is knowledgeable of all things exercise and getting in shape. She is genuinely happy for you when you start seeing results, and is incredibly encouraging. I love love love this place!!!! If you want to try something that will get you into shape, is reasonably priced, and is not just a quick fix, this is it, IT works!!


Amanda K.

I LOVE this studio! I am a big fan of early mornings so the 5:30am boot camps are amaaazing.
Linda has a great heart and is for sure a great motivator. The whole community there has a family feel and before you know it you know everyone there.

Also she has some great deals on pricing, best boot camp for your buck!!


Artie H.

I started working out at Class Fitness with a not so gun ho attitude, thinking it was like every other gym-WOW WAS I WRONG!!! This is by far the best place for working out, having fun, and also meeting great friendly people. Linda, the owner, makes you feel welcome from day 1. This gym offers a tremendous variety of classes. Everything from Zumba, kick boxing, boxing, boot camp, yoga, spin, and much much more. Linda is there at every class and she makes sure Class Fitness has a great community vibe. How many fitness studios/gyms can you say that about? Linda arranges hikes for the members(whom most know each other by name) in the Scottsdale area, Flagstaff, and even one coming up for the Grand Canyon.
 When I started on
April 6 2010, weighing 217 lbs., I never imagined by August 13 (4 months) I would weigh 180...I lost 37 lbs.!!! Class Fitness is awesome! Joining is easily one of the best decisions I ever made!


Kadrina M.

Class Fitness is one of the best I've been!! Love the classes, love Linda!! You will get the workout you need in the best atmosphere in Scottsdale!! Linda, the owner is fantastic!!! She is very professional and she will get you in shape in no time!!! This is my favorite fitness place!!


Marlena N.

I started attending Class Fitness just after it opened and am a total fan!  I love the local hometown and community vibe, as well as the low key atmosphere.  Classes are reasonably sized and individually focused.  Linda, the owner, is great and offers a TON of classes for a super reasonable price!  Honestly, you cannot get a better deal in Scottsdale. Plus with the variety of classes and time slots, I have no problem at all fitting a workout or two into my busy schedule.  I really hope the studio thrives and they can count on me as a continued fan and member!


Amy E.

This studio rocks!!  I fell of the work-out bandwagon a few years back and was not getting any results from the types of workout I was attempting to do.  Luckily I have some awesome friends that introduced me to Class Fitness in Scottsdale and I can't get enough of it!  The classes are awesome!!!  Linda is so high energy and a great motivator.  I've been going there for a little over a month now and have started to see and feel the results when I put on my pants for the day.  What an AWESOME feeling it is!  If you're looking to join a gym/studio with a lot of class variety, friendly and fun staff, and a great price then it's a no brainer....join this gym! 


Dante C.

So Much Fun!!!
The variety of workout options is incredible. I have really been challenged! The studio is located next to a huge park so we get to work out outdoors as well if we choose. Linda the owner is extremely knowledgeable and has improved my form immensely. It’s like having a personal trainer without the cost. I'm very happy with the results in a couple of weeks.


Paul C.

I helped the Class fitness owners put in their studio floor and when I was done they invited me to a Spin class.  At the time I had already belonged to Pure Fitness.  But I reluctantly went, really liked it -- also at the time weighed 220 lbs...after 2 weeks of spinning, started Urban Boot Camp and loved it has been 8 weeks, I've dropped 18.5 lbs and weight a healthy 201.5.   (UPDATE…I’m under 190!!!)  I feel great, have more energy than ever and am more efficient at work (and my tennis game has improved tremendously) -- and quit Pure Fitness, it did nothing for me.  There is a friendly atmosphere and even my 15 year old daughter attends classes now -- we are closer because of it. The owner turned me on to a way of eating that I really enjoy and has helped me shred pounds.  Before joining, the construction business was beating me up physically-- but now I feel new energy and am more successful with work, too.


Mariellena P.

Linda, the owner of Class Fitness, makes you feel like one of the family upon meeting her. She is intelligent, hard working, and truly wants to help you with your fitness needs. The Classes are wonderful and the trainers are knowledgeable and kind. She is all that and more. They have a class guaranteed for whatever your needs are. I''ve been impressed with every class I've taken. My favorite is the boxing class with Billy. He is smart, well trained and empathetic. Linda is always there to help you about fitness and your overall health. She will even help design a healthy eating plan for you. This is a win, win opportunity. It's worth your time. It may even change your life. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time.


Liz S.

You will never find as much energy from an owner, who is also 100% involved, AND teaches classes! Fun for everyone, and bring the kids along too. When you have fallen off the fitness wagon, just go see Linda and she will whip you into shape. She won't try to upsell you, or sell you on things you don't want or need. She just wants YOU to have fun with fitness and helps you get the body you want. Even if you are not an athlete, Linda provides alternatives to everything!! If you've never been in a gym your entire life, it's ok because Linda will walk you through until your body reaches its limits.... then she'll help you get past and succeed to above and beyond what you thought you could never do!!!


Michelle L.

 Class Fitness is amazing - I've never felt so good in my life, more energy, more toned and feeling a whole lot better in the buff :-) I'd highly recommend checking it out.


Joan B.

Add something new to your workout with Yoga on Wednesdays, 4:45 pm. It's a great class and will improve all your other workouts. Class Fitness is perfect setting for Yoga and the instructor is one of the best I've met.


Jenny J.

Since joining in January, Linda has helped me prepare for my wedding with Urban Boot Camp, Spin, Weight training, Cardio training, Core Strengthening, and much more. I am so grateful to have been referred to Linda, not only is she an excellent trainer, but a great friend and such a positive, motivating person. She has a wealth of knowledge about all things fitness and is ready and excited to share this with her members. The studio is outfitted with the latest in equipment and spin bikes and is open to people of all levels. I highly encourage anyone thinking about getting in shape to try Class Fitness, you will be amazed the results and very impressed with what they offer. Cheers! Jenny



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