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Run - Row - Ride

Whether you're training for a half or full marathon, looking for cross training or just want to improve your overall running performance, this group will meet your needs.
Rowing is an excellent exercise to attain maximum physical fitness, report trainers at the United States Sports Academy. Much like rowing a boat on the water, a stationary rowing machine can help to build and tone muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function and increase stamina; and is particularly effective for older or injured fitness enthusiasts because there they place no strain on the back and joints. Our program will get you in shape for the water or for any sport you are paticipating in.
 Through advocacy, education, and organized rides, tours, and events, Class Fitness emphasizes the positive effects of the bicycle in providing transportation, recreation, sportsmanship, and good health.

No Fees for Group meet ups.  See Classes for schedule (or visit Facebook/Classaz)

Our Performance Sports training is for beginners to advanced athletes to help them meet and exceed their own personal goals!

Here are some of the Races we are training for.

  • September 21, 2013 Javalina Jangover
  • September 22, 2013 Nathans Triathlon
  • October 20, 2013 Soma Triathlon
  • November 17, 2013 Ironman Triathlon
  • November 3, 2013 Arizona Women's Half
  • December 15, 2013 Fiesta Bowl Half
  • January 22, 2014 P.F. Chang's Marathon/Half

Our Performance Sports training is for beginners to advanced athletes to help them meet and exceed their own personal goals!

Thanks to the running group at Class Fitness, I’ve finished five races since October, including the Phoenix Rock n Roll half marathon and the Lost Dutchman 10k. I’m now training for the San Diego Rock n Roll half marathon in June. Even though I’m slow, I’ve always felt welcomed. If anything, it made me push myself to run faster. The most important thing I’ve learned is to just show up. Most (if not all) mornings I really don’t want to run. But knowing other people are there waiting to share my pain, makes me get up and run. 
Ruthanne G.

Overall it is just nice to have other people around who enjoy running as you can learn from them.
 I liked the running clinic and learned a lot.  I like Dr. Sherman but he is not on my insurance (boo) so this is the best way for me to get his advice.  Overall the best takeaway is pushing myself harder.  Running by myself I tend to run at my normal pace and running with others pushes me to work harder and want to improve.
Lynda S.

I have been running as part of the Class Fitness running group for over a year now.  I started because I wanted to shed a few extra pounds, and with the motivation from the others it turned into not only shedding pounds and having fun doing it, but also several half and full marathons and some really great lasting friendships.  I completed: 2 Fiesta Bowl ½ Marathons, two P.F. Chang’s ½  Marathons, the San Diego full marathon, and the Lost Dutchman ½ & full marathons.  I have never been a runner either, and never ran in High School, College, or after College.  Running is a lot more fun when you have friends to run with!  Before the running group I used to go on what I thought was an intense 2 mile run and every step I took hurt and I wanted to turn around and it was boring.  Now with the support from the others our 15 mile days and the 22+mile days we’ve had are merely pleasant long run days with the group.  I love the flexibility of the offered times and when the scheduled time doesn’t work for me, I always seem to find someone who is willing to run with me at a different time.  Running is only the beginning of the motivation I have now to begin competing in Triathlons.  A word of advice would be to try it, come run with us, and see the results.
- Julia C.

I've run Vegas Ragnar, Vegas half marathon, Scottsdale Womens half, Key West Ragnar, PF Chang Full Marathon, Phoenix Ragnar, and Los Angeles Full marathon since starting with Class Fitness less than a year ago.  I've taken 22 minutes off my full marathon time!  I can attribute it to the cross training of the Class Fitness classes.  I love variety and the fact that classes are never the same, so there is no getting bored with repetition.  The energy of the instructors is infectious.  Linda is like an energizer bunny always giving 110%, being positive, encouraging, and watching/correcting technique.  There are runners and non-runners in the classes, but being able to have a group to help push yourself each day has helped mentally and physically through the training.  Class Fitness is not your average gym; we know each others names, we welcome newcomers and the variety of members makes it all fun. 
 - Amy S.

Whether you already row or are considering rowing to keep in shape, lose weight, cross-train for another sport, compete on the water or rehabilitate from injury or surgery, rowing is the complete exercise for you.

Arms, legs, chest, back, abs—even your mind. Your whole body gets a complete workout from the efficient, rhythmic motion of rowing. Rowing is such a great exercise in so many different ways.

  • Low-impact (easy on the knees and ankles)
  • High calorie burner (because it uses so many muscle groups)
  • Great for joint health (joints move through a wide range of motion)
  • Upper body (completes the stroke)
  • Lower body (the legs initiate the drive)
  • Works the back and abs too!
  • Superb aerobic fitness (great for cardiovascular fitness)
  • Relieves Stress (for overall health and well-being)

This is different from the rowing you may have done as a kid in a rowboat. The difference lies in the sliding seat. Your legs compress and extend with every stroke—in addition to the more obvious work being done by the back and arms.

Legs: You begin each stroke with your legs compressed and your shins vertical. You initiate the drive with the powerful muscles of your legs, and finish with your legs fully extended. Rowing promotes both strength and flexibility through this wide range of leg motion.

Arms: At the catch, your arms are outstretched; at the finish of the stroke, they have pulled the handle into your abdomen. As with the legs, this range of motion promotes both strength and flexibility.

Core: chest, back, abs: At the start of the stroke, the power of the legs is connected to the handle by means of the arms and the core muscles of the body. Then the back is more fully involved as it swings open through the middle of the stroke. Finally, the body is stabilized at the finish by the abdominal muscles.


Rowing Compared to Other Forms of Exercise

  Low Impact Lower Body Upper Body Core Full Range of Motion
Indoor Rower *** *** *** *** ***
Treadmill   ***    *  **
Bicycle  *** ***  *  *  ***
Elliptical  *** ***  *  **  **
Stair Stepper  ** ***    *  *
Recumbent Bike *** ***    *  *
Ski Machine  *** *** *  **  **
Swimming *** *** **  *  **
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